An Old Soul for a Modern World

As I was carpooling with my officemates on the way home, my officemate "Jen" was asking about my love life and how am I handling it. Non-verbatim J: Kamusta naman si Gerwin as a booyfriend? (How is Gerwin as a boyfriend?) P: Okay naman. (He's okay.) J: Like, what are your plans in the future? …


30 things I like when he…

Hey guys! I'm back! It's been so long. Well anyway, here's something to start off. I'd like to share a list I made for my boyfriend since I just read earlier, something like this. To Gerwin, hi Love! I hope you still have this note in your treasure chest of letters. I love you! :* …

3 Main Reasons Why You Must Not Wear A Two-Piece Swimsuit

His Precious Daughter

“You’re so sexy!”, “You’re so da*n hot!”, these two are just some of the phrases, girls really love to hear.

Everyone loves summer so everyone is planning to goto the beach and to make it complete, wearing sexy swimsuits will be the top of the list. Everyone is excited to show their beautiful bodies, take someselfies and post them in facebook.

I honestly felt good hearing compliments from my friends whenever i wear two-piece swimsuit until i’ve seen the video of Ms. Jessica Rey about “modesty” which entitled “The Evolution of theSwimsuit”.

I am not forcing anyone to start practicing modesty, it’s still up to you and we have our own perceptions. Some people believed that it is the proper attire for swimming and some says “if you have it, then flaunt it”. Therefore, i don’t have the intention to disrespect other’s beliefs. Since Ms. Jessica Rey have…

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“Pope Francis is coming to town!”, The ABC’s of Catholic Doctrine By Lianne Tiu

Santuario de San Antonio Parish


Four more days to go – as we continue to find ways and means on how we can get close to the Holy Father or be a part in the meetings and Masses that he will be celebrating during his visit to the Philippines.

Pope Francis is the Vicar of Christ on earth, the bishop of Rome, the successor of St. Peter. He is the leader of the 1.2 billion Catholics. He has gained many fans around the world because of his personal holiness and simple living.

We are not, however, to treat the pontiff like some kind of celebrity or rock star. Rather, we are to look at the message he is trying to tell us. He is coming here primarily to comfort our people who have suffered from the typhoons and earthquake that have hit the Visayas. He is imitating Jesus, who after seeing the people, felt compassion…

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Uses for Wrapping Paper

M&J Blog

The moment after the presents have been unwrapped, reality sets in. You have a living room full of paper scraps that will undoubtedly end up in the garbage. Not this year! This year you can reuse those glittering pieces of paper to make your life more colorful and make you feel better about reusing that pretty paper. F9P5OC1GWF5TL0V.MEDIUMForget the packing peanuts! Shredded wrapping paper makes for colorful packing material.

holiday-gift-wrap-5Make a beautiful bow for future presents using strips of recycled wrapping paper.

enhanced-buzz-22491-1418143043-8If the paper isn’t too seasonal, use it to bring life to otherwise drab drawers.


If you’re careful, you can always reuse paper for future gifts. Waste not, want not, right?

cd42971c7c0017d47bb086ac91d829cfUse your favorite wrapping paper to make a fun garland! If you have metallic wrapping paper around, it would make the perfect garland for New Year’s Eve.

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