Finn and Jack Harries! ♥


Credits to the owner of these photos. 🙂

You see, the picture above is my recent discovery in Tumblr. These super gorgeous hot guys are from England and their names are Finn and Jack Harries. Finn is technically two minutes older than Jack.

Based in my own opinion, I find them so attractive! Both of them are so appealing but I find Finn cuter than Jack sometimes, and Jack cuter than Finn another time. You just got to love these guys. Aside from the fact that they are British, they are cute witty as well.

Check out their blogs:

Jack Harries:

Finn Harries:

Come on and join me fangirl over them. BTW, they are only 19 years old (May 13, 1993). 😉 You just gotta love these twins. Hot and smexy~


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