Why I’m still single.

Okay. I’m too lazy to read my chemistry notes that’s why I’m blogging about this.

I was browsing Facebook when I realized that most of my friends have partners. My cousins have boyfriends (since most of my cousins are girls), friends and classmates. Even my sister, who is younger than me by 11 months has a boyfriend! I wondered. . . Why haven’t I got one?

I’m not that ugly (in my opinion), and I have brains as well (though I’m not that intelligent like Einstein). What could be the reason that boys don’t come up to me and say, “Sup? Can I get your number, miss?” HAHAHAHA. JUST KIDDING. I don’t want guys doing that. -___-

I thought about it and I came up with these


1. Guys don’t see me as a girl. There. I said it. But I’m not a tom! I just hang out with boys often. I call them “bros” or “pre” (that’s what we Filipinos sometimes call our close boy friends). And they practically see me as a bro as well. We talk about their relationship problems with their girlfriends or crushes, problems in school, jokes about green-minded stuff, etc. I dress raggedly. Usually, I wear shorts and shirts then pair them up with sneakers or rubber shoes. I sometimes wear dresses and skirts but when I do, that’s when my family goes to church.

2. FRIENDZONED. I don’t mean to friendzone them or something. It’s just that I don’t want to assume that he has “special” or “romantic” feelings towards me. I’m not that kind of person.

3. Most of my crushes have girlfriends. This is very self-explanatory but I’ll explain it anyway. My first crush in college was P****. We were classmate in one subject and we seldom hang out. If we do, we’re with friends. At the end of that semester was then I only learned that he has a girlfriend. Another semester happened and I had a new crush. His name is H****. Again, same case with P****, I learned that he has a girlfriend almost at the end of the semester. See? I see good-looking guys, but most of them are taken. If not, it’s either he’s a seminarian or he’s gay. -____-


4. I’m still young! Woooo! HAHAHAHA I know that that’s the oldest excuse in the book but t’is true. I’m just turning 17 this year and every adult around me pretty much say that there are plenty of fish in the sea to choose from, and that I have a gigantic world to explore. BOYS ARE EVERYWHERE. There are Koreans, British, Australian, Thai, Canadian, American and more.

5. Relationships is not part of my plan of study. Oftentimes I tell myself, perhaps I need an inspiration for me to work harder in school. Like those times that when you have a crush on a certain someone, you study hard in order to get good grades and not embarrass yourself in front of them. Then I went home and saw my parents. I don’t need an inspiration-crush. Seeing my parents is enough. My dad works hard abroad for me to finish college so I need to study hard and graduate on time!

I cannot think of other reasons why I’m still single so this is what I came up with 🙂 Tata for now~


Share your thoughts! ;)

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