High school yearbook


I just got my yearbook last Wednesday morning. It was so cool coz I get to see all those “young” faces of ours when we were in our high school.

Looking through the pages makes me laugh. Some of us have really grown a lot while some are still the same. It felt like everything just happened yesterday. I was with my friends, going home at around 4pm and eating porridge if we got time to do so, and other stuffs. Before, I really don’t care that much about what the society has to say with all my actions, but now that I’m in college, I’m a bit cautious with myself.

In the yearbook, it is filled with our graduation pictures with class pictures in it and also, some messages from different people who has a high position in the education sector.

But what captured my attention the most is the different dreams of the students. 🙂

My high school alma mater, Los Baños National High School, has two educational curriculum. The BEC-Plus (Higher section) and BEC. The BEC-plus curriculum students has 4 more additional subjects also called electives while the BEC stays with the usual 8-subject curriculum type. In the yearbook, BEC-plus students were first to be put in. Most of us wanted to become an engineer, or a lawyer, or a designer. It was cool. But then, some of the grammar was badly arranged. It just confuses you. Just like this, “To fulfill my dreams, to help my parents and to be a pastry chef brother.” YES. BROTHER. That was just . . . something. HAHAHAHAHA!

Also, within the BEC students, most of them wants to become an engineer, a nurse, a teacher or a police. But then again, some just wants to take up courses. Like this one, “To take up HRM.” So, does it mean that her dreams was to take up BS HRM and not to graduate in it? Another is about wrong articles. “To become a engineer.” A engineer?! OH GLOB. You reached fourth year high school saying A ENGINEER? -_____-

Okay, so sorry about that. I know that I’m not that good in my grammar as well, but please. Everyone knows when to use or an. 🙂

Enough with my rants. HAHAHAHA. That’s just about it. Seeing old faces in a yearbook and reading all those hilarious typographical and grammatical mistakes. :))))




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