Korean 101 :)

Hey there guys! So, I was watching some Korean dramas and movies recently and it turned out to be very addicting (in my case). I find their language so cute and fascinating as well as their culture. I just want to share some of the words that I learned. I was learning hangul then so if you don’t know how to read, the romanized word will be beside it anyway. 🙂

1. 안녕하세요 (an-nyeong-ha-se-yo) – hello/goodbye

2. 감사함니다 (kam-sa-ham-ni-da) – thank you

Here are other ways to say thank you/thanks:

고맙슴니다 (go-map-seum-ni-da) – thank you

고마워 (go-ma-wo) – thanks

3. 비안해 (bi-an-hae) – [can also be read as mi-an-hae] – sorry

죄송합니다 (jwi-song-ham-ni-da) – sorry

4. 천만네요 (chon-man-ne-yo) – you’re welcome

5. 나 도 사랑해 (na do sa-rang-hae) – I love you

6. 나 정말 행복해 (na jeongmal haengbokhae) – I’m really happy



Share your thoughts! ;)

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