Universities I Know

I was riding a tricycle this morning on my way home (my classes are always half a day) when I noticed a girl on blue shirt and sweat pants. It says on the front of her shirt, ” I ♥ PE”, at the back of it is, “LSPU Los Baños Campus” and on the side of her sweat pants, the letters LSPU was written vertically. I live in Los Baños and LSPU means Laguna State Polytechnic University. Both of my parents graduated from LSPC which was converted to LSPU but they were from Siniloan.


Honestly speaking, THIS IS MY OPINION, the people here in our town who lives a little above average and can send their sons and daughters to a “good” university thinks that LSPU LB campus is a no good university at all. Most says  that the school is corrupt. Not much can be learned and too much money is always asked. I, myself don’t know if it’s true or not because in the first place, I’m not studying in LSPU LB. Though, they say that it’s not a good university to study, I learned from my cousins that it’s not all that bad. Their BS Education courses are very good, actually. When I was in high school, we had a student teacher who studies in LSPU LB. He’s really good in his field and I think it was not only him who made it look good, but it was also because of his professors who taught him how to be.

Aside from LSPU LB, I also got to know other universities by friends and classmates, and also review centers. 🙂 If you’re from the Philippines, I’m sure you’re very much familiar with the next four universities I’m going to mention. It’s not around here in Laguna but these universities are very much the talk of the town anywhere around the country.

First one is Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU)Image

I don’t have too much background on Ateneo but all I know is that the students who study here are rich and intelligent. From what I’ve heard, the tuition fee in this school every term is around Php 50,000 – Php75,000, but based on my research in some sites, the minimum overall cost per term is Php 75, 890.40 or Php 51, 948.45. But it still depends on the course you are taking in, of course. Students who goes to ADMU are called Atenistas/Ateneans (if I’m not mistaken). Many Filipino actors and actresses came from Ateneo. For example is Robi Domingo, Myrtle Sarrosa and volleyball star player Gretchen Ho. It’s a very prestige school.

Second is De La Salle University (DLSU).


I’ve had classmates from De La Salle one time when I was enrolled in a review center. From the way they dress, it’s simple but you can tell that they are rich. You know those branded clothes and stuffs? Though I’m not sure because I haven’t actually looked at the tags of their clothing anyway! HAHAHAHA. Also, my classmate when I was in high school tried to apply to DLSU for the entrance exam and I learned that it curriculum is trimester. The average tuition fee depends on the course you are taking but the range of the tuition fee is about Php 55, 600.00 – Php 70, 000.00 or so. Again, if I’m not mistaken, students from DLSU call themselves La Salle-an.

The third one is University of Santo Tomas (UST).


Forgive me, if I got the logo wrong. I really don’t know the logo of UST. SORRY! I’m not that familiar in UST but I heard that it’s a good school. Another classmate I had back in high school decided to take BA Fine Arts in this university. Her works are absolutely brilliant! Superb! The range of the tuition fee every semester is about Php 45, 000 – Php 65, 000. The only down thing in enrolling in UST is that when heavy rain comes, the school gets flooded easily.

The upper three universities I’ve mentioned sure makes you think a lot about thousands of money every semester! Whew! That’s a lot to think about. But this last university I’m going to mention is the university that most fourth year high school students talk about around the end of July because of the nerve-wrecking test they hold every year on the first Saturday and Sunday in the month of August.

It’s the University of the Philippines (UP).


Now this, I can tell you everything I know all about it because I go to this university. But I won’t. Because that would take me too much time to type and on my clock, it’s already 11:07pm and I still got classes tomorrow. HAHAHAHAHA. So, UP. I study in UPLB so I can only tell you what I know in UPLB. In the UP System, there are only two semesters per year. Every sem, the tuition fee you need to pay is around Php 20, 000, and that is IF your default bracket is B. Bracket B means you need to pay Php 1,000 per unit. But Bracket A means you need to pay Php 1, 500 per unit. Brackets C-E2 gets discounts through what they call STFAP. Just let it be. I don’t even know what it means, and even if I do, I will not explain it because it’s so complicated. UP is known for its honor and excellence motto. They say that among the top universities in the country, UP is one of it. Most students who enter UP are scholars, that is why they are called, Iskolar para sa Bayan, but for short, they call themselves, Isko/Iska.

So there you have it. Here are just SOME of the universities I know. Once, I dreamed of entering ADMU but then realized that we ain’t got money for that kind of school. But I’m very much thankful for where I am now. Besides, when I was in my senior year the only college entrance test I took was from UP. And there I was, UP OR NOTHING. I am very thankful until today, that God led me to UP. 🙂


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