Youtubers I ADOOORE!

So I’ve been watching Youtube lately (I was bored in Facebook) and I find out so many cool vlogs! YES. It’s VLogs. Meaning video blogs. My sister questioned me last time I posted it as vlogs. She said I must have typed it wrong and I explained that I did it on purpose. I’d like to share these channels in order for you other readers out there to have some fun moments if you’re bored out there like me!

FIRST OF ALL, I would like to recommend you visit nigahiga‘s channelNigahiga is Ryan Higa‘s Youtube username. If you’re not racist and you like funny videos, check this out! I found out about him back in my sophomore year in high school. My friend Camille introduced him to me. 🙂 Yay!


Here’s a sample of his video.

Of course, I soooo love Ryan and his humor but sometimes, it takes some time to upload and edit videos and I hate waiting. I mean who doesn’t? 😀 So, I went on my Tumblr account and I was reblogging and scrolling down endlessly, I came across a picture of these gorgeous guys.

finn and jack

and yes, if you know them, OH MY GOSH! WE NEED TO TALK AND FAN GIRL OVER THEM! HAHAHAHA.  I like guys (of course, I’m a girl so that totally means I like guys! Duh!), but BRITISH GUYS? HELLO BABY! I loooooooove Brits! Though they don’t like Asian. 🙂 I don’t give a crap about that. Their channel is called JacksGap and originally, it was Jack Harries‘ channel and then came along Finn Harries (his older twin) after a few videos so now, JacksGap seems like a tandem name for the twins. 😀 These guys are super duper HOT and upload wacky and cute videos. Some are funny but not that funny like Ryan’s. I love watching their channel because of their handsome faces and gorgeous accents. Before they changed places, I was about to send a gift to their postal address but then again I didn’t get to.

While I was browsing JacksGap, I saw this one collaboration of Finn Harries and Caspar LeeAnd here is a picture of the gorgeous lad,


Gorgeous, right? He’s a South African – British kid. His Youtube username is dicasp. I haven’t watch many of his videos because sometimes he’s really serious and sometimes funny. Moody? Nahh. I don’t know. The only video I watched in Caspar’s channel is the An exclusive interview with Finn Harries and I got a girl pregnant.

Here’s the link to the I got a girl pregnant:

I’ve been a fan of British Youtubers lately so, here’s another mate from London namely, Marcus Butler from MarcusButler channel! Easy to remember, eh? He starts off his video with a “Heee-llo!” and ends it with “I love your sexy faces, blah blah blah, BYEEEEEE!” His channel was recommended by my friend Viktor from my Crop Protection 1 class.


Marcus’ impression of girls’ voices makes me laugh so hard. First! It’s super cute when he does it. He totally imagines himself as a girl. And second is that his videos are mostly related to what he likes, or what he doesn’t understand or even what annoys him. And it all totally makes sense! The video URL below is the first video I’ve seen from his channel.

And the last but not the least, is Grace Helbig. Do you know who Grace Helbig is?


Well, this person is actually a girl! Yes, she’s a girl. I also watch videos made by girls. She is known as dailygrace. She uploads videos five times a week. Monday miscellaneous, Tuesday comments, Wednesday reviews, Thursday How*Tos and Friday – Sexy Friday. Awesome. I think she’s really diligent in editing and uploading those videos. Is it not tedious to upload every Mondays to Fridays? Whew! She’s not British but still I like. I just didn’t get it why she doesn’t know One Direction. Guys, IT’S ONE DIRECTION! Have you been living under a rock, Grace? ughhh. HAHAHA. So here’s the video where she learns who is this One Direction.

And this is a wrap. Whew. It took me ages to type all of these because my head hurts really bad and someone is watching me behind my back so, it’s kind of creepy. HAHAHAHAHA. I hope you check out these awesome gorgeous people~


Share your thoughts! ;)

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