The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (credits to the owner of the photo)

I’ve watched this yesterday, uhm, last Friday. It’s 12am so I still think that it’s Saturday. Hahaha. I loved the movie! Just a little bit. It’s because there’s some twists and I don’t like it. 😦 Cassandra Clare, why you like that? I haven’t read the book yet but when I saw the movie, there are some parts that I don’t understand so I’d like to read it. However, a part of me is trying to stop myself to read it because I know that I will expect too much in the next movie. -___- ugh. I hate myself. loljk

At first, when I saw Jamie Campbell Bower, I was like, “What kind of leading man is this? His hair is too long. Ugh.” But after exposing his figure to my eyes several times in the movie, my perception towards Jamie changed. “Oh my gosh. He’s so hot. Oh no, Jace!” I was like that when I was watching the movie with my sister. HAHAHAHA. It was insane but it’s so awesome. I loved every bit of it.

Lily Collins is very pretty. I thought she had a look-alike artist here in our country and I realized that it was Jessy Mendiola.

ImageThis is Lily Collins.


And this is Jessy Mendiola.

See the difference? No? Me neither. HAHAHAHA. Kidding. I’m currently researching about the status of Lily Collins and Jamie Bower. Rumor has it that they’ve broken up and some says that they’re still together. Anyway, I don’t care anymore. As long as they portray Clary and Jace perfectly. 😉 kidding.

YOU MUST WATCH THE MOVIE. And if you haven’t watched the movie yet, I’m gonna spoil you that Jace and Clary are siblings, Alec loves Jace and Hodge is a bad old man! XD hahaha. There’s too much happening going on in this movie and that’s what caught my attention. It tackles about forbidden love between homosexuals and incest. WOOO. Too much to take in. I need to read the book now! So, laterrrr~ WATCH THE MOVIE. YOU’LL LOVE JACE. . . And Clary too.

 clary and jace


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