I had a boyfriend?!

We were classmates since our first year in high school. And back then, I’ve always seen him as a friend. We’ve been classmates for four years, up until we graduated senior and that was when we became a couple. It was around the first week of November. November 4 to be exact. I guess, we, being a couple was just for “fun”. There were no courtship in the process of us being a couple and neither of us had the feeling of having a crush with each other. But I guess that, as time passes by, we get to communicate and see what we were missing out.

Sad to say that our “relationship” was like a written contract. After graduation, we break up. Also, if one of us have a crush on someone, one must tell to end this thing.

To be honest, I’ve never had a crush on him until we did that contract girlfriend-boyfriend thingy. I saw a different side of him. The more sensitive and caring side for his family, friends and his lover. I sure am was the luckiest girl back then. You can never say a bad thing about him because of his kindness. He’s tall and smart. His name is Bryan.

He is my first boyfriend and I’m not regretting that it was him. 🙂 But, as the “rule” says, we have to break up by graduation. I guess he agreed as well because he knows that being committed to a person takes a lot of time and effort to make a good relationship last. So, when we graduated, we broke up. Actually, it was even before we graduated. It’s because of his college applications that he has to go to his college even before he marched up to the stage and get his diploma.

And so, I’m writing this article because recently, we’ve hung out (dunno if I’m using the correct word here, haha). It’s been almost two years since we last talked for a moment, thanks to one of my closest friends (hey there Monica!). It was on December 29, 2013.

My friend Monica was having her debut in a beach club resort in Nasugbu, Batangas. Few people were invited. Before I left our house, my mom asked me if Bryan was coming (it’s because my mom and I saw Bryan on Christmas eve in the market), and I told her that I don’t know. Surprisingly, when my friends and I were waiting for everyone else to arrive in a fast food chain, I saw Bry.

I really didn’t know if he was feeling awkward when I’m around, or he’s just quiet. So, I tried to avoid him ‘coz I think he’s feeling awkward. I talk to him once in a while. Saying jokes and stuff. Then, when we were swimming, I asked one of our mutual friends if he knows if Bryan is feeling awkward towards me.

He said, “I don’t know. But if he does, then talk to him. It’s not that bad.”

I thought about it, and maybe he’s just shy. After we showered and get dressed for the party, I talked to him. 😀 it felt good. I can assure you that he still treats me as his friend. 🙂 YAY! I asked him about his school and his life and other stuffs to talk about.

We talked for like hours. We even seated side by side during Monica’s debut. I felt like we were “together” again. HAHAHAHA. Our friends are even teasing us that we should get back together especially when we got to serious talks about relationships. Bryan and I? Sometimes we just brush it off, other times we just smile and laugh. I don’t know what’s going on in his head but I’m positive that he doesn’t want to commit himself yet. Just as I do.

I enjoy being single as of the moment. Carefree of problems regarding love. And I’m happy! Even though occasionally, I think of having one because of some events that can make you feel a bit lonely, especially VALENTINE’S DAY. But I’m cool with it. HAHAHAHA. So to end this article, here’s a picture of us together.

Fotor0101211820From left to right it was taken during New Year 2014 at church, middle picture was during Dec. 29, 2013 at Canyon Cove Beach Resort in Batangas and the last picture was during Dec. 25, 2013 also at church. 🙂


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