My 18th Birthday

My birthday is waaaaaaaay far from now but I’m already planning on what it would be like. Knowing that I can’t hold a very extravagant party (coz were not rich and also because I asked for a camera for a present), I was planning to work during my summer vacation to save little money to celebrate my 18 years of existence.

I had this theme in my mind since 2012 (after I went to a friend’s debut which was so awesome!). And I know that this will be very expensive with all the invites to be given, locations to be reserved, food and drinks to provide and a whole lot more! But I really really love it so, yeah. HAHAHAHA. My chosen theme for my imaginary debut party is HARRY POTTER-like.

This invitation, I made it hours before January 1, 2014 because I was so excited! hahaha 🙂 ImageThis is just a sample for general invitations coz different invitations will be given for the 18 roses, 18 candles, and 18 gifts. Many things have to be considered if I can make this whole event possible.

If you don’t know what a debut party is, it is when a person turns from being a girl/boy into a woman/man. Here, girls debut at 18 years old, while guys at 21.

My parents asked me if I want a party or something else, and last year, I decided that I want a DSLR camera instead of a party. Because I know that asking for a party will be way more expensive than a camera. My parents totally agreed with me and so this year, I will be getting my new camera! Yay me! 🙂

Though, I was getting a little envious of all my friends who are celebrating their 18 years in such very expensive and amazing parties. I just try my best to ignore that and be thankful of what I have today. Perhaps, if I cannot push through with all my plans inside my head because of the huge money that will be involved in the making of this thing, I’ll be printing one invitation just for me and to keep it in my scrapbook in memory of my dream party. 🙂

And I promised myself that if I ever get rich enough to make this kind of party possible, I will absolutely DO it!


Share your thoughts! ;)

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