Early 18th birthday present!

My dad just got back home here in the Philippines last Wednesday (February 12, 2014). When I got home, I hugged him so tight and cried (I know, I was such a drama queen) and he gave me first my 18th birthday present he promised me last year! Here it is:


A try-out shot for myself in front of the mirror. 🙂



A shot made by my laptop to show it to my friend Monica via Facebook. 😀


I just can’t believe that my dad would actually buy me one! Because I know to myself that this kind of camera is really expensive. However, I’m glad when I heard my parents told my aunt and uncle that I made the right choice to get a camera rather a grand birthday celebration. They said that camera is long-lasting while a party overnight is, well, a PARTY OVER NIGHT. You spend thousands of pesos for a party over night and eat nothing the next day? I don’t think so. Were not that rich. 🙂 I’m just so happy to have this kind of present and I know that these kinds of gifts are once in a lifetime opportunities, so I just want to share it to everyone who reads this blog. 😀 YAY! Thankee daddy!


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