Tandang (tān•dāŋ) is my last name.

“Once na magsama-sama, walang katapusan ang kaingayan ng mga Tandang!”

That’s what people always tell us about our HUUUUUUGE family! Seriously, were large in number, but some of us are also large in sizes. Hahaha. Here are some of our pictures:

IMG_5543 IMG_5630 IMG_5635 IMG_5636 IMG_5638 IMG_5763

and there’s more of that where it came from! HAHAHAHA. This family where I belong to are very humorous and fun. Most of the times, they make fun of each another to lessen the drama and stress they experience. And I’m glad that whenever everyone fools around, I’m there to witness all the fun and laughter. It doesn’t matter if it’s a green joke or just corny ones, as long as everybody’s happy, let’s go with the flow.

Sometimes, we fight. But we resolve our fights through talking. Like super serious talk. Especially with the adults. Us, teens? Well, usually there’s less drama for us. Because all we talk about ourselves are school and love lives. Hahaha.

I love hanging out with my cousins on this side of my family because we can talk pretty much about everything. Whether it’s about boys, or our armpits or our favorite artists, etc. And we’re not ashamed about it when talking. Sometimes, I get irritated with them but it’s life. 🙂 I thank Him for giving me to the Tandang family.


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