My big LITTLE sister talks about love, seriously.

“Mas okay lang na masaktan sya sa katotohanan, kaysa naman masaya sya sa kasinungalingan.”

(It’s better to be hurt knowing the truth, rather than being happy with all the lies)

That sentence above, came from my big little sister.



I call her big ’cause everyone says that she looks more mature than me.  And little, because I’m a year older than her. But you know what, when it comes to relationship problems, aside from my mom (I ask advice from her to know the point of view of older people), she’s the other person I can talk to about that knowing that she had “experience” in this field.

She told me about how people have to deal with pain and suffering when entering this battlefield. It’s like when I was friendzoned by my friend *insert name here*. She told me that if I have to friendzone somebody, “Sure he’ll get hurt, but at least you maintained your friendship. It’s not like he’s not going to get over it forever. Just look at you. You’ve been friendzoned by Kuya *toot* but now you’re over him! Think of it that way. Yes, he’ll (the guy who’s a crush on me) be sad and feel like your the only girl in the world he needs, but later he’ll realize that maybe your not just the one for him.”

We had this serious talk around midnight because I really can’t contain myself on what to do with my love life. HAHAHA. 🙂

My sister and I are very different in terms of socializing and choosing our friends. When it comes to this, I always think about what would the other person feel if I did this to him/her. Will he/she ever forgive? Will it be awkward if I see  him/her? I want to be friends with everybody and I don’t want to feel uncomfortable with anyone so I find ways to get out of a situation. My friends told me that I shouldn’t stop just ‘coz I have a crush on someone and that someone has a 90% chance that he’ll court me. People say, “that’s the perks of being a girl! You get to choose men.” And besides, my sister added, “Minsan ka lang maging maganda! Pero alamin mo ang limitasyon mo.” (You’re only beautiful sometimes! Just know your limitation) I’m pretty sure she’s talking about me and the guy who wants to court me. 🙂

She also told me to stop chatting/tweeting with the guy who just confessed. Because that is where everything starts. At first, it’s just chatting away, but later you’ll realize that I’m falling for this other person and the other one waiting for me would be, what? Left hanging? That’s just wrong! I just have to distance myself a little bit to not let things go worse.

In the end, I still get the chance to decide on what to do with my life. And I’ll pick the one that’s gonna help me get over this and make my life better. 😀




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