Sibling Problems

Here are some thing I don’t like when it comes to my siblings:
1. L-A-Z-Y

During vacation, all of my three siblings wake up late, and by late, I mean 8 in the morning. If you think that that is still early, well you thought wrong. In our house, past 7am is already late! People have to rise up as early as 5:30 in the morning to prepare for the whole day. However, only mom wakes up at 5:30. For me, I think that’s too early and besides, there are only house chores to do so I wake up at 6:30 am to cook breakfast (sometimes), get some exercise, water the plants, wash the laundry, fix my bed, etc. See? And when my siblings get up, all they have to do is eat breakfast and whatever work that still needs to be done. Another thing is that they won’t do anything unless they are told to do so. No initiative. Honestly. Ugh.

2. Your fault, my fault.

I often get scolded by my mother if my siblings did something really stupid around the house. Oftentimes, it’s my younger sister’s (11 months younger than me) mistakes that get me some lecturing.

For example, when she took out the trash but did not hang it on the hook. Mom told us to hang it because stray dogs tend to scavenge around for food and tear up the trash bag in the process. Hahaha. So, the next day, mom saw the mess. And because I was up early, she started to lecture me instead of my sister.

You know what, you just had a beautiful dream but then your mom starts talking and there goes a bit of shouting then tons of lecturing. Wow. Do you really think you’re day will start great?!


3. No consideration.

They don’t appreciate the things I do for them.

Another example, my mom tells me to wake up my sister so she can start cooking breakfast. Instead of waking her up, I hurriedly finish what I was doing then start on breakfast right after. Just so my sister will not be disturbed in her sleep.

My siblings love to sleep in the morning. So, I reason out with my mom to let them sleep more so that they can complete the 8-hour sleep that is needed for everybody.

But when times I sleep in late, for example I watched a Korean drama up until 3am (oh believe me, I do that!), either my younger brother or littlest sister goes upstairs and wake me up. It’s either yanking the blanket off my body or yelling at my face. They are so evil!

Sometimes, I wish they’ll do these simple things that I always do for them.


I guess that these are the responsibilities of the eldest. Or is it just me? Hahaha 😀 I endure the frustration and annoyance to them but when I really can’t contain myself anymore, I seek advice from a friend or just tell him/her what I’m experience. I usually don’t need advice. All I want is someone who is there to listen to my rants. :))

Even though most of the time it’s like this, I still love these little brats I call my brother and sisters.

 IMG_0284 IMG_1048


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