Dream High Review

OMG. Dream high! I’m gonna watch this soon. After I get over a bit of my Taec Yeon addiction. Or should I watch it now because I’m still addicted to Taec Yeon? 😉

K-Drama Ninjas ^_^


I started watching this drama because of Kim Soo Hyun. Following the huge success of “You Who Came from the Stars,” that gave me the KSH virus, I had reluctantly decided to watch the show that looked too juvenile for my taste having left high school myself more than half a decade ago. I was far from disappointed however. In fact I enjoyed the light, modern-day musical more than I want to admit.

Well you cannot expect a mediocre show with the golden children of the top-notch entertainment management industries making for the leads in Dream High. The story, although not a novice idea, was treated well by the protagonists. It is about 6 students in Kirrin High, an arts school that specializes in entertainment, who learn to overcome challenges and their prejudices. The plot is centered on the talented, rude and arrogant Go Hye-Mi (Played by Suzy from Miss…

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