100 Dares Before I Turn 18

Here’s a list of dares I’m gonna do before I turn 18. I want to prove something to myself that’s why I’m doing this. I started this June 20, 2014. It’s exactly 100 days til I turn 18. Originally, it’s supposed to be one dare for a day but recently I couldn’t keep up with it because of some personal stuff. 🙂  It’s not complete yet and I’m still looking up for more dares. Here goes my list:

  1. Write the whole Thai alphabet.
  2. Send a snail mail to Lola (grandma).
  3. Learn how to speak I love you in 10 languages.
  4. Write three blog entries. (still in the process of writing)
  5. Write the English alphabet in cursive on a writing pad.
  6. Don’t open your laptop.
  7. No watching of TV.
  8. Don’t boss around your siblings.
  9. Eat only a cup of rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (I eat a lot so this is definitely a dare for me)
  10. Buy a photo album.
  11. Have / conduct a photo shoot.
  12. Play table tennis.
  13. Buy a cute notebook.
  14. Post 10 sticky notes in different places.
  15. Learn a bit of Spanish!
  16. Write in cursive for the whole day.
  17. Solve a sudoku puzzle.
  18. Eat SHAWARMA. (I’m not much of a fan of shawarma so I’ll try to eat one)
  19. Plant a tree or a crop.
  20. Wake up at 5am!
  21. Learn a song in Japanese (it’s okay even if it’s only a nursery rhyme).
  22. Make a video and post it on YouTube. 😀
  23. Smile at every person you’ll make eye contact with.
  24. Buy yourself flowers.
  25. Clean Hershey’s cage.
  26. Eat ice cream.
  27. Watch the sunrise.
  28. Watch the sunset.
  29. Make a song request on the radio.
  30. Be a YES girl for a day.
  31. Watch a movie in theaters.
  32. Go jogging.
  33. Paint / draw a picture.
  34. Don’t slouch when walking, standing or sitting (unless necessary).
  35. Read a book in the Bible.
  36. Eat / drink something you’ve never tried before.
  37. Go stargazing.
  38. Bake / make brownies.
  39. Play Philippine Games with siblings.
  40. No cellular phone for a day.
  41. Nooooooooooo Facebook for a day.
  42. Write a letter to your future self in Baybayin.
  43. Read a story before bedtime.
  44. Put nail polish on your nails.
  45. Dress up fashionably.
  46. Drink coffee.
  47. Sew my own clothes.
  48. Learn how to cook maja blanca.
  49. Sleep beside your siblings. 🙂
  50. No eyeglasses for a day.
  51. Do a DIY mail box for your birthday.
  52. Say “please”, “po”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome”.
  53. Blog about what happened on your day.
  54. Dance in the rain.
  55. Compliment at least 10 persons.
  56. Watch a Taiwanese / Chinese movie.
  57. Speak in English for the whole day.
  58. Have / go to a girly sleep over.
  59. Learn to dance a simple choreography.
  60. Give friendly letters to all neighbors who has a mail box.
  61. Draw an anime picture.
  62. Send a message in a bottle.
  63. Bawal magsalita ng Ingles sa loob ng isang araw. (Don’t speak a word in English for a whole day)

Well, that’s it for now. I still need 27 more!!! HELP ME think. Thanks. Hahaha.


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