FOUR months vacay!

Almost a month to go before I go back to school! Finally. Oh how I missed learning new stuff. For real.

Why four months? Did I take a leave from school? Heck no. Even though I’m suffering from hell weeks, I wouldn’t dare myself to leave school. 😉

We’re starting our school calendar this coming August. Our university system had its calendar shifted same with the calendar of nearby Southeast Asian countries. We used to start in June but had it changed so that students who are involved in exchange programs in other countries, wouldn’t have to wait another semester to start school in another country… what?! Oh glob. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I’m saying. But that is not the point of this blog entry.

My main agenda is how I spend my four-month vacation! Supposedly, it’s a three-month vacation. But since I didn’t get any slots for summer classes, my vacation started on April 6 (we had our finals week from March 31 to April 5).

I didn’t apply for a job because I don’t know where to apply. I asked my mom if I can go search for jobs in the next town but she won’t allow me. Transportation fee is the problem. And also, she doesn’t want me to work a little bit far from home (even though it’s only a 30-minute drive).

So what have I been up to these past three months? Hmmm, let’s see. Last April, most of the days, I sleep in ‘til 8am. And after getting enough sleep, I go open my laptop and watch Korean dramas. J *Q* Oooooh. Kim Soo Hyun ♥Image

 I tried my best to wake up early last May for me to jog and exercise. But I always fail to do so. It’s because of watching dramas up to 2am in the morning. *sighs*

My sister taught me how to do cross stitching. I was addicted to it! Very. The feeling of seeing the picture getting filled with colors is uh-mazing! It’s exhausting but it’s worth it. I’m still working on it. It’s a huge picture! I cannot finish it within a month, I mean, with me watching and lollygagging all the time. Hahaha. 😀


When I’m not watching Korean dramas, I watch movies with my family. I think I have watched about 10 movies these past weeks. I’m not really sure about it. Watching movies with the fam is awesome! Try it. It’ll make your family closer. 

100 dares to do before I turn 18 (as seen on my previous post)! I started doing my made-up dares on June 20. I told myself that I’ll do 100 dares for me to accomplish. 😀 Some of it are the things that I really don’t like. Example: Eat shawarma.

Lastly, I’ve been doing a 500-piece puzzle with my sister Camille. Oh gosh. It’s so difficult! >.< I sure hope to finish it. Well, I hope my sister finishes it. She’s very patient with it, seeing she finished her puzzle on her own. It’s just that my neck and shoulders when I look down for so long. I really need to get a massage.


And I guess that’s that. These are the things I’ve been doing the past three months. Only a month to go. I’m excited knowing my sister will be going to the same uni as I. 😀 YAY!



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