He’s Mr. E

March 18, 2014. Near the Torch Tower (aka Kwek-kwek Tower) in UPLB. Heart racing, hands sweating, legs shaking. I saw him walking towards me. And the first words that came out of my mouth were,

“CS* ka ba?” (Are you a CS?)

Surprised, he didn’t know how to respond. His eyebrows curled and thought for a second how to reply to my question. “Bakit? Pag sinabi ko bang oo, mamamatay ako ngayon?” (Why? If I tell you yes, will I die right at this moment?)

Our conversation went on for a minute or so, but then he told me he has to go to his speech communication class. Shamelessly thinking, this is an opportunity I must take!, I asked him, “Gusto mo ihatid na kita?” (Would you like me to take you to your next class?) Fortunately, he said yes. 🙂 hihihi

His prominent features are that he is tall, very tanned, and is unibrow. He’s taking up BS Civil Engineering in UPLB. He’s also a part of  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Third in five of the children of Mr. Rogelio and Rosalina Escobar, he’s the only one that’s far from home now that he’s studying in college. He’s from Olongapo City, Zambales and that’s approximately 6-7 hours away from Los Baños. His name is Gerwin Escobar.

We’ve become lecture classmates in Chemistry and we’re both cadets in the UPLB ROTC Unit. The only time I got to talk to him was when we were having our field training exercise in the Corp. It was not much, but still it was a 2-5 minute conversation that led to “do-you-have-the-guts-to-ask-me-to-the-ball” question.

It never occurred to me that this person, this dude who asked me to the ROTC ball 10-minutes late  after I said yes to another cadet, would be one of the persons I treasure in this world. Who would’ve thought that he’s currently courting me right now? Hahaha.

I never, and I mean ever thought that I would fall for this person. Not that because he’s not good-looking or what, he is! I had a crush on him back then. It was a crush, okay? I just didn’t thought it would go far up to this level! 😉 And for meeting him, for entering ROTC, I thank Him. 🙂 I’m serious about Mr. E. And I’m talking dead serious about this.



Here’s a funny photo of us taken during my little brother and sister’s recognition day (Apr. 1).

*CS means College Scholar. College scholars in UPLB has a GWA (general weighted average) of 1.75 below. In the UP System, 1.0 is ranked the highest grade, while 5.0 is the lowest.


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