Getting better with Mr. E

A month has passed since we started school. Exams are coming and here I am blogging about Mr. E. So what? I want to blog about this because I haven’t been active in WordPress lately. 😉

What’s with the title Getting better with Mr. E? It means, we’re getting closer to one another! OH GLOB! Hahahaha. Before, we only get to text and call each other for he is in Olongapo and that is soooo far from where I am. But now that school’s here, I get to hang out with him more. He walks with me from school and tutors me when I’m encountering problems with my math lessons (he’s also tutoring my little brother 6th Grade math and my little sister college algebra). Sometimes, if our free time is matched, we eat lunch. 🙂 I like it. Now that I think about it, I often hang out with him.

My family and friends know him. Like, he’s the only one who had the guts to court this boyish-looking girl who acts like she can do everything what boys do. Friends usually see me walking around the campus with him and they always ask me if we’re officially together. Unfortunately, were not together yet. I’m still waiting for something. 🙂 And I hope that I won’t be waiting too long for it. HAHAHAHAHA.

So here’s an updated picture of me and Mr. E. He’s not looking at the camera because he’s so focused on reviewing the lessons he’s about to teach my sister Camille. Picture taken by Camille.



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