18 gifts I wish to have!

My birthday is a few days away and to help my friends think of what I want for my birthday, here’s a list, you guys!!! Hahahaha. 🙂

  1. G-tec 0.3 pen. My pen is almost out of ink and I badly need this pen. It is a little bit expensive so I save up a few pesos to buy one.
  2. Cute notebooks. What I’m talking about here are those notebooks that has pages with different designs! They’re so cute. And I want to have one. The thicker the notebook, the better. 😉
  3. Skirt. A skirt is what makes me look like a girl. And I’d be honored if you give me one. Just make sure it’s not too short because I’ll get scolded by Mr. E for wearing a very short skirt.
  4. Shorts. Whether it be sports shorts or denim shorts, just like the skirt, not too short. Shorts are my thing! \m/
  5. Dress. Now this is quite expensive. I usually wear dresses during special occasions or when going to Church. I like dresses because it’s easy to wear and also, it makes me look very lady-like. 🙂 I feel pretty when I wear dresses. Srsly.
  6. Shirt. I’m a t-shirt girl!!! However, if you’re going to give me one, I want to get a v-neck shirt and the color should complement my skin tone! 😀 hahaha
  7. Blouse. I’m really into clothes. Sorry. Fashionista here \(^_^) I haven’t got any decent blouses, and to get one is an honor! loljk
  8. Book. Novels (adventure, series and romance), magazines (K-zone,Total Girl, Candy Mag, MYX!), coloring book or a handbook for learning Korean is very welcome in my arms.
  9. Sticky notes. I don’t know but I’m getting a bit addicted to sticky notes. They’re just so cute and colorful! :3
  10. Shoes. And by that I mean sneakers!!! My sneakers are worn out. I need a new one.
  11. Flash drive/external drive. Very handy for a college student like me because it is where I can save my downloaded movies and korean dramas– I mean my files I need in school! Psh. Not movies and dramas. Pfft. Psh. Heh.
  12. HandkerchiefI perspire very easily. A 10-minute walk and my body’s sweaty. So, a hanky would be very handy.
  13. Perfume. Tandem with the hanky! After perspiring, I get to freshen up with a perfume so that I smell good. 😛
  14. SD card. More songs and pictures for my phone! I need memory!!!
  15. Stationaries. I like writing letters to my loved ones. And most of my stationaries are all out.
  16. Money for developing photos. To have a hard copy of all my pictures! 😀 memories! Sentimental person here. 😉
  17. Umbrella. In our campus, the weather is unpredictable. Now it’s sunny, an hour later, rain is pouring. You’ll never know when you’ll need an umbrella.
  18. Socks. To match my shoes. But the socks I’m talking about is the one you use in sneakers, not in school uniforms. 🙂

Not that I’m expecting them to read this, because they don’t even know this blog exist. Hahahaha. Just an idea. Probably, here’s the things I’ll get myself one at a time after I save some money. 🙂


Share your thoughts! ;)

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