September 18, 2014. OMG!

It was a typical Thursday for me but I didn’t think that it would turn out not to be.

Mr. E got to sit-in in my 6pm plane trigonometry class since he wants to see what lessons am I currently studying in Math (because he tutors me when he has time). I was a bit worried because what if my seatmate came over, he’ll have to move to the back of the room in order for my seatmate to sit. Hahaha. Good thing she didn’t come.

After class, my sister told me to get her from her class so that we could go home together. I asked Mr. E to come with me to wait for my sister which he did not refuse to do so.

So, we were just there, sitting on a bench, talking about what happened last Tuesday night (my friends Rachele and Hannah came to sleep over) and we got to a point where my friend Hannah asked us (me and Rachele) a question. I told that to Mr. E and he got curious to what was it all about.

Mr. E: What was it?

Me: Oh nothing. Forget it. You won’t get to answer it anyway.

Mr. E: Oh really? Try me. (he said with his eyes locked to mine)

Me: If you don’t get to answer this, we’ll never see each other again. Got it?

Mr. E: *laughs* I’m sure I can answer this (but I think he was getting a bit nervous).

Me: Are you really really sure?! Can you possibly live without seeing me again if you don’t get to answer this???

Mr. E: I’m positive I can answer your question. What is it? Tell me.


Mr. E: What???? What is it Pa-mela????

Me: …

Mr. E: …

Me: *suddenly made eye contact* Do you love me?

Mr. E: … yes.

AND THENNNN HE– ooops. Nahhh. That’s the end of it. Hahahahaha. Long story-short, we’re in a relationship. I have said my sweet YES to Mr. E. ♥ It has been 3 days, 3 hours and 14 minutes we’ve been together. 사랑해 Gerr 🙂


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