20 Things Everyone Should Learn By The Time They Turn 20

Thought Catalog


Now that I can officially say that I’ve been putzing around Earth for a grand total of 20 years, I think it’s time to share a few nuggets of wisdom I’ve been exposed to within my first days of no longer being cursed by teenager-dom.

1. No one else can make you happy.

This is one thing everyone always tells you and that you know you should understand, but never quite believe until it hits you over the head with a baseball bat. Friends, family and significant others are all amazing people to have in your life and while they will probably smile and rub your back while you vent about your problems, no one can completely solve them except you.

2. Material things break.

Obviously. That favorite ceramic mug one of your best friends gave you a couple birthdays ago, the same one you dropped and shattered the other day, won’t…

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