Happy day :)

Having only three hours of sleep, an exam to take and a whole lot of papers to worry about, well, that’s how my day started today. I thought I’d die because of the things I haven’t got to do due to some imbalance timing on my schedule. However, as the day goes, it turns out to be better than I expected.

In my soils lab, I thought I would get mental block because I only reviewed a few hours before the exam. But it turns out that I answered almost all of the questions without any doubts! WOOO! 😀 I felt so relieved and I have a gut feeling that I’m gonna ace that exam! *cross fingers*

After that, I started reading Oedipus Rex because it was an assigned reading in my humanities subject. I didn’t get to the end but I got the gist of the play. We were told to make a tentative thesis statement because were going to write a position paper about it, and I had formulated a thesis statement to be passed on that day.

I had lunch with my Soul sister, Kairah, and Jeremy, and we shared stories and experiences of how was each of our week was going. It was nice chatting with them for a while. 🙂

I got to pass my mini-checklist (something needed in getting subjects for the next semester) on time! Students usually wait til the last minute to pass their checklist. -___-

My first ever eat at an Open Tambayan happened! It was from UPSSS (University of the Philippines Soil Science Society) and I had a quail egg, fish balls, kikiam, meatball, juice and lugaw. It was delicious! Really. ❤

Our topic in plane trigonometry was a bit hard for me to understand, so I told myself that I’m gonna ask Gerwin to help/tutor me regarding this matter. :)) Yay! More time with Gerr. Hahahaha <333

Dinner with Rachele and Gau was fun. 🙂 I missed the four of us hanging out together. So were planning that we need to have an ice cream party before the semester ends! Only the four of us. While watching a movie!

Lastly, Gerr and I watched a play entitled Isko’t Iska: Break the chains, start the change play. It was okay, but I got a little bored so I dragged Gerr out of the auditorium and we hang out around the campus. We fooled around by tickling each other’s armpits and singing OPM love songs out loud, like no one can hear us! HAHAHAHA. It was amazing! We also did some butt spelling with the song Sexy Back in the background. Hahahahaha. We were so funny!

We did more funny stuff but I will no longer elaborate because I still need to review for my exam later. Fooling around with my boyfriend was the best part of my day! ♥

It sure is a happy day for me! Lahat ng bagay ay umaayon sa aking kagustuhan. 😀


Share your thoughts! ;)

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