It is 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! It is 2015 and I’m loving it. Even though my family didn’t buy so many fireworks to welcome 2015, we still had a lot of fun welcoming the new year. We ate baked macaroni, sinukmani (it’s like a rice cake), grilled milk fish, buttered shrimps, buko salad, lechong baboy, and fruits. Hmm, yum!

The best part of my welcoming 2015 is when my boyfriend called me to greet me a happy new year on the phone. :”> we may not be physically together but I’m still glad. I felt his presence when he was voicing out what beautiful fireworks he was seeing back in their place. It was so fun the way he tells it.

As for my family, we went out to hang out with our relatives in the afternoon. We ate a LOT! I don’t really have pictures to show so I’m just telling. 🙂 It’s really amazing to start the year with your family. I wish that this year, we would be closer than ever and less fights and quarrels will occur.

I’ve got a lot of plans this year. First is that I want to get a little fatter than I am today. 🙂 Relatives and friends keep telling that I’m so thin! To be honest, I eat a LOT of food. And I mean that! But seriously, I don’t know why I’m not getting fat. My dad says it’s probably because I’ve got fast metabolism. *shrug shoulders* I’m blessed, so I enjoy the perks of having fast metabolism. 😀 But the sad thing here is, people cannot see that I do my best to get a little bit fat. Hahahaha.

Second, is that I want to do a lot of exercise! Exercise and have a healthier lifestyle! Last Christmas, I was diagnosed with urinary tract infection (UTI). I need to drink a lot of water and avoid salty foods. This is the second time I got it, the first one was when I was a kid. So, my dad (my dad’s have a healthy lifestyle) suggests that I exercise and drink a lot of water.

And lastly, what I want to exercise for myself this year is to become closer to God. 😀 I really want to know him better. I want to know the history and I want to study the Bible. Before, I wanted to become a nun. But due to some turn of events, I didn’t go to convent and now I’m living my life with Gerwin. 🙂 I’m thankful for it but I want to pursue to learn more about God. Gerwin is studying the Bible and The Book of Mormon for he is going to missionary right after he graduates college, so I would like to copy him, me studying the Bible and learning more about my religion. I want our relationship to be God-centered that is why I want to do this.

Three simple things. But these things are major improvement to me if I can accomplish it this year. You may call it my New Year’s Resolution. But I choose not to call it anything because it might get jinxed. Hahahaha.

So that is all! Enjoy the upcoming days. Enjoy the year! Happy New Year EVERYONE! 😀


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