3 Main Reasons Why You Must Not Wear A Two-Piece Swimsuit

His Precious Daughter

“You’re so sexy!”, “You’re so da*n hot!”, these two are just some of the phrases, girls really love to hear.

Everyone loves summer so everyone is planning to goto the beach and to make it complete, wearing sexy swimsuits will be the top of the list. Everyone is excited to show their beautiful bodies, take someselfies and post them in facebook.

I honestly felt good hearing compliments from my friends whenever i wear two-piece swimsuit until i’ve seen the video of Ms. Jessica Rey about “modesty” which entitled “The Evolution of theSwimsuit”.

I am not forcing anyone to start practicing modesty, it’s still up to you and we have our own perceptions. Some people believed that it is the proper attire for swimming and some says “if you have it, then flaunt it”. Therefore, i don’t have the intention to disrespect other’s beliefs. Since Ms. Jessica Rey have…

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