“When I become a mom, I want to be just like my Mom.”

I’m turning 20 this year and (hopefully) graduating college this coming December. I have a boyfriend and we’ll be on our 2nd anniversary this September. It haven’t gone far on our minds that we may be together forever. We take our relationship very seriously as we think of marrying each other in the near future.

And since that near future is not by far away (as we are predicting that we’ll get married in 5-6 years from now; we already planned what we are going to do for the next years to come), I enjoy learning “mom stuff” from my very own mom. And by mom stuff, I meant having to do the laundry, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, and taking care of her children (which is us). I’m the eldest so my parents have taught me how to manage the house when they are gone.

Earlier in my years, I can do almost everything except cooking. I’m the worst cook ever! I then decided that I will just have my boyfriend cook for me. On the most unfortunate but fortunate turn of events, my boyfriend does not know how to cook, but only knows how to eat. -__- So, I had to learn. I needed to study cooking. She knows that I’m a bad cook so she encouraged me to learn and just try and try! She always told me that, “If I was going to be your mother-in-law, you won’t pass to be my daughter-in-law. You will not be fit to take care of my son“. And those words, really motivated me the most.

So for the past 20 years, it was only today I realized my momo’s hardwork and full, hands down, lock and load, effort for raising us four. Now that I’m getting older and is starting to think of what would my own family be like, she teaches me more about learning how to manage the household and budget my savings. Because honestly, I don’t really know how.

So mommy, if ever you are reading this, or you get to read this, thank you very much for 20 years of taking care of me and never giving up on me! I promise to take care of you in the years to come and I will make you and daddy proud! May you always be there to help and guide me. Heavenly Father gave me the best mommy. I could never ask for a better mommy in the world. I love you so much! ♥



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