30 things I like when he…

Hey guys! I’m back! It’s been so long. Well anyway, here’s something to start off. I’d like to share a list I made for my boyfriend since I just read earlier, something like this.

To Gerwin, hi Love! I hope you still have this note in your treasure chest of letters. I love you! :*



  1. Comb my hair.
  2. Give me picked up flowers.
  3. Hug me from behind.
  4. Hold my hand.
  5. Hug me tight.
  6. Hold me on my waist (I feel sexy because I think my waist suddenly goes smaller when he holds it haha).
  7. Tell me I’m beautiful.
  8. Compliment my cooking (even though it’s horrible!).
  9. Dress up.
  10. Joke around.
  11. Treat me like a baby.
  12. Smile.
  13. Solve complicated engineering problems (I’m really in awe when you start solving).
  14. Show off your rock hard abs (hahahaha. really).
  15. Text me “Good morning” and “Good night” texts.
  16. Sleep/take a nap on my lap.
  17. Laugh genuinely.
  18. Call me and just talk.
  19. Give me back massages.
  20. Try new things with me.
  21. Worry about me.
  22. Get jealous.
  23. Sing even if it’s off key.
  24. Play the piano.
  25. Are early on dates.
  26. Kiss me on the forehead.
  27. Post stuff about us.
  28. Give me handwritten letters.
  29. Give me food / cravings.
  30. and lastly, when you call me ” ‘mmy” (which happens seldomly!).

Share your thoughts! ;)

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