Not Going Out..


Well hello there; hope your holidays have been going well but if you are one of the 2.6% in Britain (I do not know the statistics for other countries so sorry) who were still working when everybody else was enjoying their time off then commiserations to you. 

I am into my third week off university which may sound amazingly relaxing but it can be a bit annoying. After a long summer break, your brain slowly begins to get used to working again when suddenly you are hit with a three-week holiday which is mostly spent in the confines of your toasty warm home. Although of course, there are exams to revise for, and course works to complete. What I find funny is how course works are frowned upon at GCSE and A-Level yet they are an integral part to your university degree. Students end up feeling quite bewildered when they are…

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It is 2015!

Happy New Year everyone! It is 2015 and I'm loving it. Even though my family didn't buy so many fireworks to welcome 2015, we still had a lot of fun welcoming the new year. We ate baked macaroni, sinukmani (it's like a rice cake), grilled milk fish, buttered shrimps, buko salad, lechong baboy, and fruits. Hmm, yum! The …

Happy day :)

Having only three hours of sleep, an exam to take and a whole lot of papers to worry about, well, that's how my day started today. I thought I'd die because of the things I haven't got to do due to some imbalance timing on my schedule. However, as the day goes, it turns out …

Doing something unexpected


If there is one way to attract attention, then it is doing something that people don’t expect (It also makes people laugh. Many comedies do this). This can be anything from suddenly start laughing in a packed train (I fairly sure that attracts more attention than stripping in a packed train, though I am not trying it out) to sitting in a bush taking pictures of seemingly nothing. The fun part of being the one doing something unexpected is that people try to avoid disturbing you (which is a really nice thing to do) and failing horribly. Some freeze in position thinking that they are in shot and thus lingering in the corner of your eye (Which is surprisingly distracting. Some deep buried instinct for spotting predators is triggered). Others try to see what I am taking pictures of  without daring to come closer, thus making weird and very cartoonish movements. Most people…

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DIY: Fall Foliage Ribbon Wreath

M&J Blog

Happy first day of fall y’all! To celebrate the season in style, we’ve created a beautiful wreath decked in autumnal ribbons and festive flowers. This wreath can be used throughout the season, but it’s also highly customizable which means you can replace the colors for every season!


What You’ll Need:

Branch Wreath

1 1/2″ Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon in Tuscany, Rudbechia, California Poppy, Midas Touch

3” Faux Leather Flower Pin

Patent Leather Flower Pin


1. Cut your ribbons into 8″ strips.

DSC_09262. Weave the strips through branches and tie piece by piece.

DSC_09373. Keep repeating until you cover the entire wreath.

DSC_09424.  Pin the flower pins on the wreath.

DSC_09495. Loop a long piece of ribbon through the top to hang.

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10 Things “Girlfriend Girls” Do Differently

Thought Catalog


There’s a difference between girls you date and girls you’re happy to hook up with but keep it on a friendship level. They have something extra that makes all the drama and work that relationships can be worth it. Here are a few things that come to mind.

1. They are fun to be around. This seems like a given, but when you’re dating some people they can make it too much about the chase. Where are you going to take them for dinner that will impress them (and their Instagram followers)? How are you going to make it worth their time? You can forget that the whole purpose of dating in the first place is to have fun and find someone you will enjoy being around for the rest of your life. Girlfriend girls don’t get caught up in drama, they aren’t difficult to please, they are just…

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20 Things Everyone Should Learn By The Time They Turn 20

Thought Catalog


Now that I can officially say that I’ve been putzing around Earth for a grand total of 20 years, I think it’s time to share a few nuggets of wisdom I’ve been exposed to within my first days of no longer being cursed by teenager-dom.

1. No one else can make you happy.

This is one thing everyone always tells you and that you know you should understand, but never quite believe until it hits you over the head with a baseball bat. Friends, family and significant others are all amazing people to have in your life and while they will probably smile and rub your back while you vent about your problems, no one can completely solve them except you.

2. Material things break.

Obviously. That favorite ceramic mug one of your best friends gave you a couple birthdays ago, the same one you dropped and shattered the other day, won’t…

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